Bocce Scoring System

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IMPORTANT: There is a new program ready for the 2019-2020 season, please contact Mike Voosen (602 705-3689) to get your copy. 

The Bocce Club has a Bocce Scoring System available to all Captains to help them keep good records and SAVE TIME. The system is free and requires either Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to operate. Both systems work well and look the same. Excel cost to buy from Microsoft and OpenOffice is a free program available on the internet at that will get you to Apache OpenOffice. Be sure you are on the Apache OpenOffice site.

There are versions of both programs for Leagues that DO NOT change courts between games, and versions of both programs for Leagues that change courts between games.

 You can start using the system at any point in the season. If you did not start when the season started it is never too late to start. Talk to a league Captain who uses the system to see if it is right for you. Help is available to get you started and keep you running.

Click on the buttons below to see some of the reports available to you on the system.