Introduction, Rules & Newsletters

With a little Bocce Ball humor tossed in!



Learn about Bocce and discover why over 600 Sun City West residents are active Bocce Club players.  

Three of the main reasons why we play Bocce are:

1. To get light outdoor exercise

2. To make new friends

3. To have fun

We play on the fourteen Bocce courts at the R. H. Johnson Lower Activities Center located across from the doggy park on Meeker Blvd. Our club is made of  leagues and each league has either eight or 16 players plus substitutes. We currently have leagues that play on every day of the week except Sunday. Each league plays once a week on the same day at the same time so it is easy for players  to put on their personal schedule. We also have a Monday evening league. New leagues can be started any day or evening when enough players are interested.  A Bocce game is played to eleven points. A match consists of three games and takes about one and a half to two hours to play.

If you want to learn how to play call our instructors, Al & Dottie Filafusi, 546-3304.

If you are ready to be placed in one of our 36 leagues (or be a substitute) call our Player Coordinator, David & Debbie Parker, 476-5591, . The point to remember is that we play because it is fun.

We also have Evening Bocce on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.. This is open to all holders of SCW Rec Cards. It is a walk in activity and you can come any Monday and/or Wednesday you are in the mood for some friendly competition.

Bocce Rules of Play

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BOCCE From a BALL’S point of view!

“Oh, super!…..He is wheeling us out. Another great day at the courts! I wonder which humans I get to play for? Yea….I recognize him. He plays a lot.  And her too.  She talks to me just before she lets me go. And there are several of the people they usually play with. Good to see you again folks. Now I don’t recall ever seeing that fellow in the green ball cap. He must be a new player or maybe a sub. That’s nice, the regulars are all introducing themselves to him. Look at that smile on his face. He’s gonna have a good time!

Wow, we’re going to my favorite court! It’s right by the little stream next the golf course. What a beautiful way to spend some time!

 “OK, time for the action. Wilma…..have a good game! She’s my favorite girl ball friend. The trouble is she’s a white ball and I’m a blue one so we’re always competing against each other. We never get to snuggle unless we smack into each other on the court. Oh, that’s fun!

   “Here we go, Betty is picking me up. Yeees, I like the way she gives me a little massage before she aims me and then lets me go.  This pretty artificial turf is fun to roll on. It even tickles me a little.  Watch out Elmer, here I come!  Missed him, that was close. But bang, I just hit the sideboard. Betty must have planned that and it doesn’t hurt … too much.  I’m still going closer and closer to that little yellow ball. Why do the humans cheer when I stop right next to the yellow ball?  Now I just hope nobody knocks into me. I like it here with that little ball. And look … comes Wilma!