Last season our bocce leagues took over the responsibility of monitoring for the club’s open bocce evenings. This has worked out well and I appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation. I appreciate that first timers may be a bit apprehensive but Faye, our Open Bocce Coordinator, was always available for questions and to keep the captains informed when their turn to monitor was coming due. Yes, monitoring is required of our club as it is with most clubs but doing it with a smile and being helpful to people who have an interest in joining our club is a great introduction to guests and potential new members.

This fall as we begin again, the monitors will need to ask the Rec monitor for the “Open Bocce Book” when you arrive. This is new. The book will be kept in the monitor station. Everything that our monitor will need is included. All the necessary forms are within as well as an instruction sheet in case there are questions. There is also a sign in the book that says Open Bocce. Place this on your table to make it clear to all that this is where they go to sign-in to play.


Beginning in the Fall of Bocce season 2023, each league captain will be responsible for providing two members of their league to be bocce monitors on Monday and Wednesday evenings of the week that is assigned to their league. Play begins at 5pm and the courts are available until 9pm.  Monitors should arrive at least 20 minutes early to prepare.

Players first check in with the Rec. monitor and then proceed to the table nearest the bocce courts where the club monitors are to set up.  You will need the Captain’s Book, which should be on the table in the breezeway. If it is not there ask the Rec monitor for the book.  In an inside pocket of the book, are blank sign in sheets.  Please make sure both monitors sign and date this form.  Sign in those wanting to play with their name, their Rec number and if they are a member of the Bocce Club or a guest. This information is especially important.  Send 8 players to a court to begin play.  Do NOT use courts 0 and 6.  Those are for public use.  Continue this process until everyone has been placed on a court.  If the courts have an uneven number of players on them, such as 8 on one court but only 4 on another court, take two players from the 8 member court and send them to the 4 member court.  It would be much easier for them to play with 6 players each.  This is social bocce and this will not be an issue.

Occasionally someone will ask for bocce instruction.  One of the two monitors should take them to court 0 and give them basic instructions.  When that has concluded, you may bring them to one of the courts and allow them to join in if they are wanting to do so.

More details and “what do I do if” information will be found in the Captain’s Book as well.